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jmusic_subs's Journal

Subbed Japanese videos.
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Subbed Japanese and Korean videos.
Rules & info
This community will focus on providing subbed Japanese and Korean music videos. Most posts are members-only, but feel free to join; the community is open to everyone.

♠ First of all, do NOT reupload anything, especially to streaming sites! If you want to share any of the PVs posted here, link to the community.
♠ Most posts are members-only, including the suggestions and requests posts, as well as the videographies.
♠ The videos I sub are previewed in Media Player Classic. I have noticed that in some players the subs become unreadable, but downloading that one should fix that problem. On the other hand, all .avi files are XVID compressed - if you can only hear the song and can't see the PV, download the K-Lite Codec Pack.
♠ Do comment when taking anything. I do this for free on my free time and comments make me work faster, even if they are a simple "thank you."
♠ PVs will be available in .avi and .mp4 - I won't convert them to anything else. They will be hosted on MegaUpload and MediaFire (kindly uploaded by grayraven).
♠ This community was built in and is best viewed on Mozilla Firefox 3.0.8 (screen resolution 1280x1024).
♠ If you have a Twitter account, feel free to follow the community for updates.
♠ And that's basically it. Have fun! :D

♠ This is the list of users and websites that have helped me bring you PVs with their translations. Thank you very much!:Layout by: appleleaf.
Profile header by: sol_tama - NOT SHAREABLE!
Textures from: Brittany resources, oum_boojae, kasustyle & schokotorte.

Affiliates (PM sol_tama if you want to be added here):
subbed_magnum - for Gackt videos.
x_fakefur - translations.
worldvidz - subbed videos from various countries, with some focus on Korea.
faerie_punks - subbed Japanese videos.
sci_no_subs - subbed Japanese videos.
aramatheydidnt - community dedicated to sharing news related to Japanese pop culture.
masqueradelie - Japanese translations.
musicbox_trans - a Japanese lyric translation site.
cityofsoul - my translation archive (in Portuguese).